Patterson Proposes to Increase Taxes on Self Insured Health Plans and HCRA Assessments

Governor Patterson’s proposed State Budget will impose substantial additional costs to your employee and retiree health plans. These additional taxes and assessments will impact all plans including private business, schools, colleges & universities, hospitals and union funds.

This proposed tax would impose a $1 assessment per claim over $20 that is processed under a self insured program including prescriptions drugs and a 240 million increase in the HCRA “covered life” assessment paid by all entities providing health insurance.

The Governor has chosen a bad time to tax businesses that provide healthcare to employees and families to help bridge the states financial crisis. We need to get this message to him that these proposals would be devastating if they are not eliminated from the final budget.

Call your legislators in Albany now as they are working hard on this budget and need to hear from all businesses now on eliminating these taxs

Healthcare’s Bite of GDP Rises to 16.3 %

Health expenditures are still rising far faster than the rate of inflation, and that rate of increase is expected to remain steady for the next nine years, according to recent estimates by the federal government. Click for more

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