Getting Free or Low Cost Prescription Drugs


Given the significant rise in unemployment and people unable to afford the costs of COBRA may people are going without Rx coverage.  Help is available for people to receive free or low cost prescription drugs thru PAP’s.


Patient Assistance Programs (PAP’s) are programs set up by drug companies that offer free or low cost drugs to individuals who are unable to pay for their medication. Most of the best known and most prescribed drugs can be found in these programs. All of the major drug companies have patient assistance programs, although every company has different eligibility and application requirements.


Eligibility varies program by program. Generally, individuals must have incomes under 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, cannot have prescription coverage from any public or private source and must be a U.S. resident or citizen. Some companies require that the patient has no health insurance.


For more on PAP go to RxAssist and spread the good word.       


Cuomo Battles Health Insurance Carriers and Posts a Victory for Consumers and Transparency

Cuomo Speaks Out on Victory

Back in February 2008 I reported NY Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo was investigating United Healthcare and has subpoenaed 16 other health plans including Aetna, CIGNA, Humana, and Well Point a subsidiary of Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield to determine how they calculate UCR. UCR is the usual customary and reasonable payment made for medical services rendered outside of the insurance carrier’s network.

Yesterday United Healthcare agreed to close down two Ingenix databases used to determine usual and customary payment rates for services for out of network doctors and pay 50 M to establish a new database that will be run by an independent nonprofit.  This much criticized database was run by Ingenix a subsidiary of United Healthcare. 

Cuomo’s investigation found that the UCR determined by Ingenix database for claims led to underpayments by iurers anywhere from 10 to 28 percent.   United wasn’t the only carrier using this database.


This is a huge victory for healthcare transparency for consumers. Under the agreement the new database will come with a web site that allows consumers to see how much they will be reimbursed for services in their area for out of network services

Free Antibiotics at Stop & Shop

Starting January 2, 2009, and continuing through March 21, 2009, Stop & Shop pharmacies are offering a 14-day supply of the most commonly prescribed generic antibiotics for free. Simply bring in your valid prescription from your doctor.

For a list of participating antibiotics, click here.

For a list of frequently asked questions click here.

Watson/NBGH Study: Employers still smitten on CDHPs

By 2009, nearly 55% of U.S. corporations plan on offering a consumer-directed health plan, reports Watson Wyatt and the National Business Group on Health.   For Lydell C. Bridgeford’s full story click here  

Innovative, Integrated Approaches to HSA’s and HRA’s Yield Optimum Results

This article I wrote discusses the innovative and integrated CDHC options that offer solutions to the steadily increasing healthcare costs in America. 

Click Here for article

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