Health Grades Announcing 2011 Hospital Patient Saftey Excellence Awards

What does it mean to achieve Patient Safety Excellence? It means realizing the lowest comparable risk-adjusted incidence of patient harm. HealthGrades is celebrating National Patient Safety Week by recognizing the nation’s top-performing hospitals with our eighth annual Patient Safety Excellence Award. 

In this annual study of patient safety, HealthGrades evaluates the impact of 13 types of patient safety events that occur in American hospitals. Preventable medical errors are so pervasive and costly to the government that the proposed rule for the hospital value-based purchasing program for Medicare inpatient services released in January 2011 contains four measures of patient safety utilizing the AHRQ Patient Safety indicators.

New York had seven hospital receive this honor, go to page 18 to see the recepients. Southampton Hospital didnt receive this honor this year but they received a 5-star rating for the quality of its Hip Fracture Repair, Treatment of Pneumonia and GI Surgeries and Procedures. Eastern long Island Hospital also received a 5-Star rating for the quality of its Hip Fracture Repair.

Beginning in 2014, these indicators will be weighted and contribute to each hospital’s total performance score and will drive the value-based incentive payment for the facility. Which ones will directly impact your hospital’s compensation in the near future? Find out!

New Jersey Prepares to Launch Accountable Care Organization

New Jersey is one of the first states to experiment with accountable care organizations, or ACOs, a relatively new health care model that is similar to the patient-centered medical home, or PCMH, and that links primary care and subspecialist practices with area hospitals to create an integrated delivery system. Providers are accountable for costs and the quality of care delivered, and bonuses and penalties are tied to overall spending and quality measures. Learn more

2008 Regional Healthcare Report Card

The NYS Health Accountability Foundations has published the 2008 Regional Health Care Report Card, which presents access, service and quality data for all hospitals and commercial managed care plans in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont and Rhode Island. 

Review reportcards for Insurance Carriers and Hospitals


Consumers and Employers Pay 90Billion Due to Under-Payments to Hospitals and Physicians by Medicare & Medicaid

According to a recent Milliman study low Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements to hospitals and providers has lead to higher health insurance costs for consumer and employers.  Given the faltering economic landscape fair payment by these government programs is paramount.  The gaps in payments to hospitals and providers are being subsidized by employers offering health coverage.                                      

Call your congressmen today and ask him to confront the new administration when building healthcare reform and ask him/her to eliminate this hidden tax on households and employers.  For more read NBGH

Hackensack University Medical Center Named Top 50 Hospitals in America

HUMC became the only New Jersey hospital named to the “HealthGrades America’s 50 Best Hospital” list identifying an elite class of top-performing facilities. HUMC is the only hospital in New Jersey, New York, and New England to be named to the list. 2008 marks the second consecutive year HUMC has achieved this honor. The HealthGrades designation represents the healthcare industry’s only quality ranking based solely on objective clinical outcomes among U.S. hospitals. Hackensack is a member of the NJHCQI Provider Council.


Click here for America’s top 50 Hospitals  



Watson/NBGH Study: Employers still smitten on CDHPs

By 2009, nearly 55% of U.S. corporations plan on offering a consumer-directed health plan, reports Watson Wyatt and the National Business Group on Health.   For Lydell C. Bridgeford’s full story click here  

Pay for Performance

Will P4P initiatives transform behaviors by providers and hospitals to improve healthcare quality, costs and outcome targets?  This is a loaded question that has many moving parts.  I believe the P4P model will replace the fee for service model but will require a monumental effort on the part of insurance carriers, hospitals, physician, and legislators.  The Common Wealth Fund reviews a case study with Partners Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts that centers on paying providers to adopt and implement EMRs and then using EMRs to evaluate patient outcomes. A must read for all interested in a Value Based Purchasing Model.  Click here

Healthcare’s Bite of GDP Rises to 16.3 %

Health expenditures are still rising far faster than the rate of inflation, and that rate of increase is expected to remain steady for the next nine years, according to recent estimates by the federal government. Click for more

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