Discounted Prescription Drugs for Suffolk County Residents

The Suffolk SCRIPTS (Suffolk County Initiative to Provide Taxpayer Savings) Program allows Suffolk County residents to save an average of 20 percent off the retail price of their personal medications. While SCRIPTS is not an insurance plan in itself, this prescription discount card can help bridge the financial gap for all Suffolk County residents– even those with personal insurance plans.  Best of all, the Suffolk SCRIPTS card is free.

 The Suffolk SCRIPTS card is accepted at over 300 pharmacies within the County, at more than 57,000 pharmacies nationwide, and is available through mail service. It carries no age or income restrictions, and no limits on how often it can be used. You and your family may freely use this card at any time, even when your prescription is not covered by your personal insurance plan. Simply present the discount card at a participating retail pharmacy and start saving on many of your prescription drugs. To find out where to pick-up a card of your own, please call toll-free 1-877-321-2652.


One Response to “Discounted Prescription Drugs for Suffolk County Residents”

  1. Constance Latora Says:

    I am impressed. I was denied a prescription today and my pharmacist filled it through the county. I had no idea that this was available to Suffolk County residents. I cannot wait until I am able to drop my Blue Cross (Mediblue) come October when I am allowed to switch my Medicare provider. Thank you so much Suffolk County.

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