Governor Patterson’s Budget Proposal Threatens NYS Hospitals

The Governor’s proposal would significantly increase the tax burden on hospitals, nursing homes, and home care providers at a time when they are already struggling to remain afloat. It would also cut an additional 20% from the indigent care pool, further weakening the already fragile health care safety net for New York’s most vulnerable populations. 

New York City’s Health and Hospitals Corporation—a public provider of an extraordinary volume of uncompensated care to low income, uninsured populations—stands to lose hundreds of millions of dollars under the Governor’s plan, and, as a result, forecasts a deficit of $1 billion for its upcoming fiscal year.

To get specific information on how your local hospital will be impacted by these proposed changes go to .  Please spread the word and share with your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.  If you share this message with just ten people, together we can convince state legislators to reject Governor Paterson’s proposed health care provider taxes and cuts.

Thank you for taking the time to protect your community and support New York’s hospitals, nursing homes, and home health care providers.

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