Governor Paterson Signs Legislation to Make Health Insurance More Affordable and Improve Access to Health Care

Governor David A. Paterson signed into law three Governor’s Program bills that will make health insurance more affordable and improve access to health care for New Yorkers. The first extends the period of time for COBRA coverage from 18 to 36 months; the second permits families to cover their young adult dependents through age 29 under their job-based insurance; and the third enacts a series of managed care reforms to make health insurance work better for consumers and permit timely access to necessary health services. The effective date of these changes is September 1, 2009.

Summary of New York Dependent Extension to Age 29


5 Responses to “Governor Paterson Signs Legislation to Make Health Insurance More Affordable and Improve Access to Health Care”

  1. Lisa Zahralban Says:

    Hi Scott,

    Great blogsite. Do we have any idea when these changes go into effect?

    Lisa Z

    • Scott Bradley Says:

      September 1, 2009 is when the regs go inot effect but it is my understanding that these benefits will be made available at the renewal date of the contract.of the

      • Scott Bradley Says:

        We are still asking the State and the carriers these questions for additional clarification. We will be having a meeting in our office and “go to meeting” to discuss the detail as soon as well have answers. Hang in there and we will be speaking soon.

  2. Lisa Zahralban Says:

    This is huge!

    What if I have someone on Cobra now, their Cobra is to end 12/31/09 and I know they have a condition and would most definately want to have it 36 months? Lots of interesting questions will arise.

  3. Lisa Zahralban Says:

    Thanks Scott

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