Prescription Assistance Program Loosens Eligibility Guidelines, Expands Access

According to a February 2009 Kaiser Health tracking poll more than 53% of all Americans are cutting back on healthcare in someway because of costs concerns. The most common behaviors are relying on home remedies and over the counter drugs rather than going to the doctor. One in four have put off healthcare that they needed more generally and one in five have not filled a needed prescription and one in six have cut pills in half or skipped doses to make their prescription last longer.

Together Rx Access, a prescription savings program sponsored by some of the nation’s largest pharmaceutical companies, has loosened its income eligibility requirements, thereby expanding the number of health consumers who qualify for the program. Share this anyone who is in need of support.


One Response to “Prescription Assistance Program Loosens Eligibility Guidelines, Expands Access”

  1. kirbyghorton Says:

    Scott, good article with good information. The pharmaceutical companies seem to believe that offering information on their websites and toll-free numbers is essentially all that patients need to access PAPs and they just don’t appear to appreciate the inability of many people, particularly those on several prescription drugs from 2 or more doctors to follow through with the lengthy application process. It also places an unfair burden on the doctors that are already overwhelmed with paperwork. There are companies that will do the paperwork for a fee, mine included. Of course the prescription assistance is free and if patients will do it themselves they should, but for those people that just do not have the patience to do it themselves, the hiring of a company to do the job is a better option than not taking the prescription drugs they need. Like I said earlier, good poast!

    Kirby Horton
    Rx HELP

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