Governor Patterson Slams Healthcare Premium Costs


Health care premiums will be increasing as a result of the State Legislature approving the Governor’s proposed increases in taxes, fees and assessments on your health benefits as part of his Deficit Reduction Plan. This increase may very well come prior to your next annual renewal.


In short, as part of the Deficit Reduction Plan, the Governor has added to the State Premium tax and has imposed a new tax on certain physician services.


The insurance carriers are required to collect these taxes, fees and assessments and there will be no exceptions or extensions. The estimated overall percentage is thought to be between 1% and 5% which will be passed along to the carriers’ clients. At this point, the carriers are determining how and when they will roll this out.  For more details on these taxes see my Feb 4th post. 


We will monitor this situation and advise you as we get additional information



One Response to “Governor Patterson Slams Healthcare Premium Costs”

  1. Shawn Cannon Says:

    On a positive note for The Hamptons, the Residency Program in Community Osteopathic Medicine at Southampton Hospital did incredibly well in its first “match”. The RP-COM, was also presented on the Albert Einstein’s College of Medicine website :

    The IM (Internal Medicine) track matched within its first five candidates. When american medical graduates are steering clear of primary care overall, the RP-COM received approximately 70 applications and ranked about 20-25. The match was so successful, we have applied to the AOA and ACOI to increase our residents in Internal Medicine from three to four per year. In our first year, we were also able to attract three second year physicians who were discontented with their internships, and hoping to find a “brighter” light in Southampton. Dr. Patrick Friscella, who spent last year doing research at SUNY Downstate, as well as Dr. Emani Amir (USC-Los Angeles) and Dr. Adeel Iqbal (UC-Davis) will be coming East to join the Residency Program at Southampton.

    Medicine is rapidly changing, patient costs are sky-rocketing. Re-imbursements to physicians are declining from United, Oxford, Blue Cross etc, is it any wonder young doctors are avoiding primary care medicine overall ?

    In NY this is especially true, and on the East End we have the highest malpractice rates in the State of New York. You do the math, high rents, high labour costs, higher malpractice rates than Manhattan……..hmmm

    I advise everyone to contact: Fred Thiele…currently the state has a propostion to raise the fees on medical licenses. The downfall is coming……SOON…like a TSUNAMI !

    The captive PC, at Southampton Hospital now runs Montauk Medical (Dr. Knott) and Bridgehampton Family Medicine (Drs. White & Siska). The days of seeing your “primary care doc” may be over as more and more seek to be employees of the hospital.

    Just sharing some of the “real world” medical issues facing our community…..The Hamptons……….some positive (+) RP-COM, some just fact…the captive PC, some (-) rising rates of malpractice/fees placed on physicians…….

    Communication is KEY for successful quality healthcare.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Shawn Patrick Cannon DO, FACOI

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