2009 Indexed HDHP and HSA Contribution Limits


The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service released IRS 2008-29which lists the new indexed amounts, adjusted for inflation, for HDHPs and HSAs under Internal Revenue Code section 223(g).

For HSAs:The annual HSA contribution amounts for individual coverage is $3,000 and $5,950 for family coverage. Catch-up contributions continue to be allowed for HSA eligible individuals age 55 and over. The annual catch-up contribution amounts have been increased to $1,000.

For a HDHP:In order for a plan to be considered a qualified HDHP, for 2009, the minimum deductible cannot be less than $1,150 for an individual and $2,300 for a family. The maximum out-of-pocket cannot exceed $5,800 for an individual and $11,600 for a family.

For any employer who currently offers an HSA and/or HDHP, employers must amend their plan documents and other marketing materials to reflect these new inflated amounts. Any employer who is considering adding a HSA and/or HDHP, should remember to build those

IRS Issue 2009 Indexed Amounts for Health Savings  Accounts


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