Taking Stock of Wellness Programs

Kathryn Fitch and Bruce Pyenson of the Milliman Group author an article “Taking Stock of Wellness Programs” that encourages employers to go back to the basics of evaluating health and wellness programs.  They describe how many employers offer wellness programs and they look at the utility of ROI and wellness programs. 


This is a must read for all that currently have and or developing a wellness program.


Taking Stock of Wellness Programs”  


 I discovered this article on the,  “The Friday Wellness Wrap Up”  by Fiona Gathright, the President of  Corporate Wellness Solutions.


2 Responses to “Taking Stock of Wellness Programs”

  1. Gayathri Says:

    The article would be useful for all who is concerned about wellness. It is worth reading the article.

  2. panchakarmic Says:

    What a wonderful article! I think we all need to realize that if we need to embrace wellness. It is very important to realize how wellness can help so much in terms of our productivity, well being, and happiness to name a few of the benefits. So let us push forward and share this information with business owners. I think once they truly understand the benefits they will start to offer wellness programs to their employees 🙂

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