Virtual Office Visits

The consumerism movement in healthcare is changing the way you receive your care.  Today, your able to have a virtual office visit with your doctor.  In the past physicians have not been paid by insurance carriers to treat existing and chronically ill patients with e-visits.  Consumers, insurance carriers and the marketplace have recognized the value and cost effectiveness of this as a patient option.  Several health plans nationally are rolling out e-visits including Aetna, Cigna and WellPoint.  The typical cost for an e-visit is $30-$50.  I see this as a positive step by insurance carriers giving patients another option to access care.   What are your thoughts?

A CEO and CFO Summit “Embracing Wellness as a Business Strategy”

On April 17, 2008 Kevin Seelman, VP of Matria Healthcare and Scott Bradley, VP of Cook, Hall & Hyde, Inc will discuss, principals and best practices for a successful employee based health management program, ROI and your wellness program, HIPAA Regs and how to develop meaningful wellness incentives and relative health plan benchmarking.  Don’t miss this informative seminar.

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Healthcare’s Bite of GDP Rises to 16.3 %

Health expenditures are still rising far faster than the rate of inflation, and that rate of increase is expected to remain steady for the next nine years, according to recent estimates by the federal government. Click for more

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